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Sorry For the Lack of PodCasts

Sorry for the lack of podcasts, we have been playing with a lot of live Twitter and other streaming services like YouTube and such, as we are attempting to expand in other ways like Video Jockey for unsigned bands all across the U.S. Hit me up on Twitter. @MarkDogg18769

I promise to make a comeback when it comes to the podcasts, but until then hit me up on the following

@MarkDogg18769 and Periscope, YouTube

Dickie Nips and REB - Episode 26 - 8/18/19

Dickie Nips and REB - Episode 26 - 8/18/19

Dickie Nips and Johnny5 - Episode 24 - 8/2/19

Sorry for the absence of podcasts, due to lack of sound engineer, well we were fucked, now were back. The missing podcasts are Twitter Live Streams.

This episode was mostly just random on the spot bullshit with us still learning the quarks with the software and what its capable of. Recorded from live Twitter/Periscope show.


Dickie Nips - Episode 23 - 7/2/19

I rant and bitch bitch about everything...

Dickie Nips - Episode 22 - 6/23/19

I discuss being mega stoned, my boy #ScumTard, and I forget...

Dickie Nips - Jun 19, 2019 00:19

Dickie goes on a rant and talks about his carb load and sex life and other shit... Fire it up... Fuck you waiting for?

Dickie Nips - Jun 12, 2019 03:27

Dickie gets walked in on and he explains more about his life situation, and bisexual discussion and homelessness

Dickie Nips - Episode 19 - 6/11/19

#Pride #PrideMonth Powered by THC, Coffee, and Bad Decisions...